Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine publishes short communications presenting original unpublished results of studies in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, and technique, whose authors are Academicians and Corresponding Members of the NAS of Ukraine. The journal publishes also the works of scientific researchers of the NAS of Ukraine and higher schools of Ukraine, if they are submitted by Academicians and Corresponding Members of the NAS of Ukraine who are experts in the appropriate speciality.

The goal of Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine consists, first of all, in the publication of communications about new scientific studies of priority character.

Reports of the NAS of Ukraine does not publish articles that are polemical and classifying, have a restricted meaning, or contain the solutions of standard problems; descriptive, survey, and methodical articles (if the method is not basically new); articles devoted to the systematization of plants, animals, and microorganisms; articles presenting separate stages of studies or the material divided into several parts for subsequent publications; articles with trivial results that are not of general interest and do not contain significant conclusions.

The journal is entered into the database «Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine»; is referred in refereed journal «Dzherelo»; an electronic copy of the journal is kept at the V. I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

Since 2019, the journal joined the international database Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

The journal is included to the List of professional editions of Ukraine (category "B") on specialties: physico-mathematical, technical, chemical and biological.

Since 2014 the publications of the scientific journal are provided with digital object identifiers (DOI) by CrossRef. Journal has DOI 10.15407/dopovidi