The nuclear-physical dating of the formation of uranium ores in the Hanneshin deposit (Afghanistan) by mineral weeksite

1Valter, AA, 2Dikiy, NP, 2Dovbnia, AN, 1Eremenko, GK, 2Liashko, Yu.V, 1Storizhko, VYe.
1Institute of Applied Physics of the NAS of Ukraine, Sumy
2National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology" of the NAS of Ukraine
Dopov. Nac. akad. nauk Ukr. 2015, 3:57-64
Section: Physics
Language: Russian

The gamma spectra, which are obtained with the great statistics of measurements, of a mineral weeksite (K2(UO2)2(Si5O13) · 3H2O) from the Khanneshin deposit in the southern Afghanistan, and their interpretation executed with account for the newest data on the relative activity of radioactive nuclides of the families of 235U and 238U have allowed us to define a deviation from the radioactive balance in the studied mineral. Features of geological and geographical positions of the studied sample have allowed comparing the deviations from the radioactive balance with the age of the mineral crystallization defined thus as 273 (+65; −41) thousand years. The obtained data confirm the tendency of the increase in the ore potential of uranium deposits of the Alpine-Himalayan belt with a reduction of their age and from the West to the East. This can have great meaning for science and practice.

Keywords: Afghanistan, mineral, uranium ores, weeksite

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