Partial ionization cross-sections of rubidium atom by electron impact

1Roman, VI
1Kupliauskiene, AV
1Borovik, AA
1Institute of Electron Physics of the NAS of Ukraine, Uzhgorod
Dopov. Nac. akad. nauk Ukr. 2015, 8:79-83
Section: Physics
Language: Ukrainian

The partial ionization cross-sections of the 5s, 4p6, 4s2, 3d10 shells of a rubidium atom are calculated by using the relativistic distorted-wave, Coulomb-Born and binary–encounter–dipole approximations for the incident electron energies from the threshold up to 600 eV. The comparative analysis of the data with the experimental autoionization cross-section and the total single ionization cross-section of a rubidium atom is performed. Each of the considered approximations reflects satisfactorily the direct ionization of rubidium atom only in the certain energy regions, namely, the distorted-wave approximation at low impact energies, and the binary–encounter–dipole approximation at high impact energies.

Keywords: atom, autoionization, cross-section, excitation, ionization
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