Crystal structure of layer niobatozirconate Sr6Nb4ZrO18

1Titov, Yu.A, 1Belyavina, NM, 1Slobodyanik, MS, 1Polubinskii, VV, 2Chumak, VV
1Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
2Ivan Franko State University of Zhytomyr
Dopov. Nac. akad. nauk Ukr. 2016, 4:92-98
Section: Chemistry
Language: Ukrainian

Five-layer niobatozirconate Sr6Nb4ZrO18 has been synthesized by the ceramic technology (presynthesized reagents — four-layer Sr5Nb4O15 + perovskite SrZrO3, T = 1670 K), and its layered perovskite-like structure (LPS) is determined by the method of X-ray powder diffraction. It is found that the LPS of Sr6Nb4ZrO18 belongs to the Ba6Nb4TiO18-type structure. The parameters of the elementary cell of Sr6Nb4ZrO18: a = 0.5687(1) nm, c = 4.146(1) nm, space group R−3m, the value of the reliability factor RB is equal to 0.055. The peculiarities of Sr6Nb4BIVO18 (BIV = Ti, Sn, Zr) LPS are analyzed, and the correlations composition — constitution of LPS have been established.

Keywords: cation-deficient perovskite, layered structure, X-ray powder diffraction
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