On a surface wave along the cylindrical cavity in an inhomogeneous elastic material

Rushchitsky, JJ
Dopov. Nac. akad. nauk Ukr. 2019, 5:24-33
Section: Mechanics
Language: Ukrainian

The classical Biot problem on a surface harmonic elastic wave propagating along the free surface of a cylindrical cavity is generalized to the case of inhomogeneity of a medium of propagation. It is assumed that the density and Lamé elastic parameters of the medium are changed with increasing the radius (they become smaller with moving from the cavity) by the exponential law. The prior results on a general representation of solutions are used. The problem is solved analytically up to the level, when the numerical methods have to be used.

Keywords: attenuation of a harmonic wave, cylindrical surface, cylindrical surface elastic wave, exponentially inhomogeneous medium, Macdonald functions

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