Synthesis of ТіО2- based photocatalysts deposited on stainless steel

Sanzhak, OV
Brazhnyk, DV
Goncharov, VV
Zazhigalov, VO
Azimov, FA
Dopov. Nac. akad. nauk Ukr. 2019, 7:52-58
Section: Chemistry
Language: Ukrainian

The supported Ti-containing catalyst on the surface of a stainless steel foil is prepared by the low-temperature ion implantation method. It shows the high photocatalytic activity in the process of neutralizing benzene in aqueous solutions under the irradiation with visible light, which significantly exceeds its activity in the UV range. The composition of the surface of the supported catalyst and the effect of the temperature on it are characterized by physico-chemical methods. It is shown that, as a result of the ion implantation of Ti on the surface of a stainless steel, a nanosized layer of the implant is formed in the form of an amorphous composition consisting of titanium oxide, nitride, and oxynitride. Increasing the temperature of the treatment leads to a decrease in the activity of samples. Similar changes in the photoactivity of samples can be explained by the influence of the temperature on the ratio between the nitride, oxynitride and oxide phases of titanium, while the latter increases with increasing the processing temperature. The hypothesis of active phases on the surface of a support is expressed, which ensures its high activity in the reaction of photodegradation of an aqueous solution of benzene under the visible light irradiation. Thus, the perspective and practicality of using the obtained samples in the process of removal of benzene from its aqueous solutions with the visible light irradiation is shown, which is very important today from the point of view of ecology.

Keywords: benzene photodegradation, ion implantation, N-doped TiO2

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