An efficient computational method for mesoscale weather forecasting

Prusov, VA
Doroshenko, AY
Dopov. Nac. akad. nauk Ukr. 2020, 3:10-18
Section: Information Science and Cybernetics
Language: English

Mathematical problems associated with the numerical solution of equations for the predictive models of regional atmospheric circulation are considered. A methodology is considered for effective regional solutions of boundary- value problems with a prehistory on the basis of the “one-way interaction” approach. Within this approach, a method is proposed for filling the data given on the macroscale grid nodes in the mesoscale network based on the spline interpolation and a precise (the fourth-order of accuracy) numerical method for the approximation of the first- and second-order derivatives in differential equations. Thereby, solving problems for ordinary differential equations can be carried out effectively by the interpolation.

Keywords: differential equations, interpolation, mesoscale weather forecasting

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