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1Syrovatskyi VN. About functional models of commutative systems of operators in the spaces of de Branges. 2017 ;(4):7-11.
Sokolova LK, 1Pushkarev VM, Belchina YB, 1Pushkarev VV, Tronko ND. The activity of adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase in lymphocytes under the action of hypoglycemic drugs. 2017 ;(6):96-100.
1Kublanovsky VS, 1Nikitenko VM. Actual activation energy of the electroreduction of palladium(II) iminodiacetate complexes. 2017 ;(2):60-66.
1Samson OYa., 2Sprynchuk NA, 2Bolshova OV. Actual questions of diagnosis and treatment of idiopathic short stature in children. 2017 ;(4):96-102.
1Suleimanova RR, 2Hudz IA, 1Melnychuk DO, 1Kalachniuk LH. Age peculiarities of the content of phospholipids in the blood of sterlet. 2017 ;(5):98-101.
1Laguta IV, 1Fesenko TV, 1Stavinskaya ON, 2Levchyk NYa., 2Dzyuba OI. Antioxidant/reducing properties of the extracts from the genus Vítex plant leaves. 2017 ;(5):73-79.
1Avramenko AA, 1Tyrinov AI, 1Dmytrenko NP, 1Kravchuk OV. Application of the Boltzmann lattice method to the analysis of nanofluid flow in a curved channel with radial irregularities of the temperature and the concentration of nanoparticles. 2017 ;(1):52-59.
1Prestin J, 2Savchuk VV, 2Shidlich AL. Approximation of 2π-periodic functions by Taylor—Abel—Poisson operators in the integral metric. 2017 ;(1):17-20.
1Kovalenko OG, 1Vasilev VM, 1Adamchuk-Chala NI, 1Tytova LV, 2Karpenko EV. Artificial glycan-glycolipid complexes as antiviral means and effectors of microbial formulation on the base of rhizobia. 2017 ;(1):88-96.
1Matlaj LM. Calcareous nannoplankton in Cretaceous and Cenozoic deposits of the north-west part of the Crimean continental slope. 2017 ;(1):66-73.