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1Kurdachenko LA, 2Subbotin IYa., 3Semko NN. On analogs of some group-theoretic concepts and results for Leibniz algebras. 2018 ;(1):10-14.
1Tomchenko OV, 1Khyzhniak AV, 2Dyachenko TM, 1Fedorovsky OD. Assessment of the variability of landscape components of river's mouth areas (by example of the Anankin Lake). 2018 ;(2):85-92.
1Matlaj LM. Biostratigraphic characterization of the Jurassic deposits of the Flat Crimea and the Near-Sivash region. 2018 ;(2):71-84.
1Mazanova AO, 1Shymanskyi IO, 1Lisakovska OO, 1Vasylevska VM, 1Lototska OYu., 1Makarova OO, 1Veliky MM. Changes in the levels of vitamin D receptor and active form of the nuclear factor κB in bone tissue of rats with experimental type 1 diabetes mellitus and their correction with cholecalciferol. 2018 ;(2):109-116.
1Khoroshun AS. On the construction of a control over the translational motion by the rotation of an eccentric flywheel. 2018 ;(3):53-58.
1Kuznietsova HM, 1Dziubenko NV, 1Rybalchenko TV, 1Ogloblya OV, 1Rybalchenko VK. Correction of rat acute cholangitis using water-soluble C60 fullerene nanoparticles. 2018 ;(2):102-108.
1Titov Yu.A, 1Slobodyanik MS, 1Polubinskii VV. Criteria of existence of one- and two-layer compounds (MeII, Ln)n+1BnO3n+1. 2018 ;(1):80-85.
1Govorova Yu.S, 1Zinchenko OV, 1Semenchenko OYu., 1Bobrova OM, 1Nardid EO, 2Nardid OA. DSC investigation of the influence of human placenta fractions on the thermal stability of protein complexes of erythrocyte membranes. 2018 ;(3):116-122.
1Meish VF, Meish YA, Belov ED. Dynamics of conical shells with elliptic cross-section under nonstationary loads. 2018 ;(1):29-33.
1Rudenko EM, 2Sorokin VM, 1Korotash IV, 1Polotsky DYu., 1Krakovny AO, 1Suvorov OYu., 1Belogolovskii MO, 2Pekur DV. Enhancement of the efficiency of heat removal from powerful electronic devices through thermal interfaces based on aluminum nitride films. 2018 ;(3):59-68.