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1Kurdachenko LA, 2Subbotin IYa., 3Semko NN. On analogs of some group-theoretic concepts and results for Leibniz algebras. 2018 ;(1):10-14.
1Tomchenko OV, 1Khyzhniak AV, 2Dyachenko TM, 1Fedorovsky OD. Assessment of the variability of landscape components of river's mouth areas (by example of the Anankin Lake). 2018 ;(2):85-92.
1Domina EA, 2Stakhovskyy EO, 3Safronova OV, 1Druzhyna MO, 1Makovetska LI, 1Glavin OA, 1Semyglazova TV. Biochemical and cytogenetic indices of peripheral blood lymphocytes in patients with prostate cancer. 2018 ;(4):102-109.
1Matlaj LM. Biostratigraphic characterization of the Jurassic deposits of the Flat Crimea and the Near-Sivash region. 2018 ;(2):71-84.
1Gutlyanskii VYa., 1Nesmelova OV, 1Ryazanov VI. On blow-up solutions and dead zones in semilinear equations. 2018 ;(4):9-15.
1Lanovenko II, 1Gaschuk AP, 1Zakcharenko AS, 2Berezyuk OM. Changes and interaction of erythropoietin and oxygen blood transport function in hypoxia of different geneses. 2018 ;(5):91-99.
1Mazanova AO, 1Shymanskyi IO, 1Lisakovska OO, 1Vasylevska VM, 1Lototska OYu., 1Makarova OO, 1Veliky MM. Changes in the levels of vitamin D receptor and active form of the nuclear factor κB in bone tissue of rats with experimental type 1 diabetes mellitus and their correction with cholecalciferol. 2018 ;(2):109-116.
1Bogaenko VA, 1Bulavatsky VM. Computer modeling of the fractional-differential dynamics of some filtration-consolidation processes. 2018 ;(4):16-24.
1Khoroshun AS. On the construction of a control over the pendulum movement by the rotation of an inertial flywheel. 2018 ;(4):41-46.
1Khoroshun AS. On the construction of a control over the translational motion by the rotation of an eccentric flywheel. 2018 ;(3):53-58.