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1Borisenko AA, 1Sukhorebska DD. A classification of simple closed geodesics on regular tetrahedra in the Lobachevsky space. 2019 ;(4):3-9.
Moisieiev AI, Bozhok GA, 1Gorina OL. The comparative characteristic of monolayer and three-dimensional cultivations of the continuous cell line of fibroblasts L 929. 2019 ;(8):93-101.
1Ivannikov RV, 2Laguta IV, 2Stavinskaya ON, Anishchenko VM, 1Buyun LI, Pakhlov EM. Composites for prolonged release of bioactive compounds based on orchids leaves extracts and fumed silica. 2019 ;(4):66-73.
Sergeev VP, 1Boshytska NV, Klipov VD, 1Protsenko LS, 1Budilina ON. Composition material on the basis of a carbohydrate fiber matrix with immobilized insulin for the development of a new me dicine form: transdermal insulin plate. 2019 ;(9):41-48.
Vedel YI, Denisov SV, 1Semenov VV. Convergence of the Bregman extragradient method. 2019 ;(5):18-23.
Semenyuk NP, Trach VM, Zhukova NB. Deformation of three-layer cylindrical shells with transversally elastic core in a vicinity of the critical compression. 2019 ;(5):44-55.
Mishchenko AM, Trunova EK. Dependence of the stability of lanthanide β-dicarbonyl complexes on the metal—ligand bond energy. 2019 ;(4):74-80.
Gerashchenko GV, Rynditch AV, Kashuba VI. Development of gene expression panels to determine prostate cancer. 2019 ;(1):100-106.
1Kaminsky AA, 2Kipnis LA, 2Polischuk TV. On the development of small-scale plastic strips from the point of intersection of microplastic deformation lines. 2019 ;(1):33-39.
1Usenko AP. Distribution of thermal characteristics in the north-west part of the near-axial zone of the Dnieper-Donets basin. 2019 ;(7):44-51.