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Postovoitova AS, 1Pirko Ya.V, 1Blume Ya.B. Intron length polymorphism of actin genes as an efficient tool for the genetic profiling of selected cereals from the grass (Poaceae L.) family. 2019 ;(2):78-83.
1Pirko Ya.V, Rabokon AM, Postovoitova AS, Bilonozhko YO, Kalafat LO, Borisova OV, 2Tsarenko PM, 1Blume Ya.B. Intron length polymorphism of β-tubulin genes in microalgae. 2019 ;(1):93-99.
1Anop AV. Lawruk elliptic boundaryvalue problems for homogeneous differential equations. 2019 ;(2):3-11.
1Bulat AF, Eliseev VI, Sovit YP, Molchanov RN, Blyuss O. Mathematical modeling of the convectivediffusive mass transfer in a hemodialysis cell. 2019 ;(2):40-44.
Rozhenko NM, Grigor’ev ON, 1Kartuzov VV. A method of analysis of the shapes of X-ray diffraction lines not requiring a transition to the space of an object. 2019 ;(1):47-54.
1Kushnir SV, Kost MV, Sakhnyuk II. Molecular mechanisms of water evaporation (physical and chemical analysis). 2019 ;(2):61-67.
1Kushnir SV. A molecular model of the air/water interface structure and its influence on the water evaporation speed (physico-chemical analysis). 2019 ;(1):55-62.
Bartashchuk OV. Phanerozoic evolution model of a stressstrain state of the Earth crust at the Dnieper-Donets paleorift. 2019 ;(3):62-71.
Oliinyk OV, Tatarenko VA. Physical kinetics of self-organization of dissipative modulated structures in the distribution of interacting vacancies in bcc crystals under a continuous irradiation. 2019 ;(3):55-61.
Gurov YP, Permiakov VV, Yamnichenko AY. Preservation of paleoflora in impact melt rocks of the El’gygytgyn crater on the Chukotka Peninsula (Russia). 2019 ;(2):52-60.