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1Fomin Yu.A, 1Demikhov Yu.N, Verkhovtsev VG, Borisova NN. Mineral-forming fluids as an indicator of the evolution of external shells of the early precambrian of the Earth. 2018 ;(7):72-76.
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1Filatova KO, 1Krupska TV, 1Turov VV. Influence of organic solvents and acids on hydration properties of chitosan. 2017 ;(5):80-88.
Feshchenko IS A sufficient condition for the sum of complemented subspaces to be complemented. 2019 ;(1):10-15.
1Fedorovsky OD, 1Khyzhniak AV, 2Sedlerova OV, Tovstyuk ZM, Efimenko TA, Porushkevich AY. The informational and methodical support of the aerospace monitoring of a sea shelf for the detection of anomalies over hydrocarbon deposits. 2019 ;(4):57-65.
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1Fedorov OP, 2Demchenko VF, 3Shuba IV, 4Zhyvolub EL. The effect of vibrational disturbances on heat and hydrodynamic processes in a melt during the crystal growing by the Bridgman method. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 2015 ;(3):75-80.
1Fedorchuk VV, 1Tanasienko IV, 1Blume Ya.B, 1Yemets AI. An inhibitor of Ca2+-dependent protein kinases, trifluoperazine, increases the efficiency of agrobacterium-mediated transformation of tobacco. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 2014 ;(11):165-171.