Scattered X-ray radiation algorithmic compensation procedure in the X-ray imaging as an alternative to hardware methods




X-ray image, scattered X-ray radiation, Monte-Carlo simulation, antiscatter grid, algorithmic com pensation, antiscatter gap


Scattered X-ray radiation compensation algorithm proposed by authors is tested and compared with the most effective hardware methods: air-gap variation, anti-scatter grids. With the help of a numerical simulation, the simplicity and efficiency of the air-gap manipulation technique are shown to be contrasted by the side effects of this method: dramatic scanner and detector size increment. Typical antiscatter grid with r = 12 attenua tes scattered radiation with an efficiency of 10 meter air gap requiring 50 % more exposition and dose. The algorithmic compensation proposed by the authors provides the compensation at the level of the average hardware method but does not require an extra dose.


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Danyk А., & Sudakov О. (2021). Scattered X-ray radiation algorithmic compensation procedure in the X-ray imaging as an alternative to hardware methods. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, (4), 114–122.