Dynamic behavior of cylindrical shells of non-circular cross-section under non-stationary loads





cylindrical shell, noncircular section, Timoshenko-type model, unsteady processes, numerical methods


Non-stationary wave processes in cylindrical shells of non-circular cross-section are considered. A model of the Timoshenko-type shell theory is used to describe the wave process. The Hamilton — Ostrogradsky variational principle is used to derive the equations for the oscillations of the original shell. The oscillation equation is supplemented by the corresponding natural limiting and zero initial conditions. The numerical solution of the problems presented in the work is based on the use of an integro-interpolation method for constructing difference schemes in spatial and temporal coordinates. As a numerical example, the problem of the dynamic behavior of a cylindrical shell of a finite length of an elliptical section under the action of a distributed internal impulse load was considered. Numerical results are given, which make it possible to carry out a detailed characterization of the stress-strain state of the initial cylindrical shell.


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Meish В., & Meish Ю. (2021). Dynamic behavior of cylindrical shells of non-circular cross-section under non-stationary loads. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, (5), 33–38. https://doi.org/10.15407/dopovidi2021.05.033