Solid phase interaction of TiC with ZrC or ZrN under mechanochemical synthesis and HPHT powder




mechanochemical synthesis, high pressures, titanium carbide, X-ray diffractometry, crystal structure


Using the X-ray diffraction method, the crystal structure of titanium carbide (TiC) was studied in detail in products mechanochemical synthesized 80 ml. % TiC and 20 mol. % ZrC charge and composites obtained by HPHT sintering (7.7 GPa, 1750—2300 °C) of 60 vol. % cBN, 25 vol. % TiC, 10 vol. % ZrC and 5 vol. % Al. It was found that solid-phase interaction of TiC with ZrC or ZrN (molar ratio of TiC to ZrC or ZrN about 3 : 1) solid solutions containing up to 11 at. % zirconium were formed. Specifically, metal atoms defective solid solution (Ti, Zr)1—δC was formed after 3 hours charge mechanochemical treatment in a high-energy planetary mill, and nitrogen-saturated solid solution (Ti, Zr) (C, N)1+δ was formed under HPHT sintering conditions above 1900 °С.


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Belyavina Н. ., Turkevich В. ., Kuryliuk А. ., Stratiichuk Д. ., Nakonechna О. ., Avramenko Т. ., & Kogutyuk П. . (2022). Solid phase interaction of TiC with ZrC or ZrN under mechanochemical synthesis and HPHT powder. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, (6), 54–63.