Free vibrations of pentagonal plates with a hole




pentagonal plate with a hole, frequency of free vibrations, finite element method, FEMAP, experiment.


Free vibrations of isotropic pentagonal plates with a hole in the centre with different variations of rigid fastening at the edges and the hole based on two different approaches are considered in the paper. The finite element method is widespread for calculating the frequency and form of free vibrations of plates of the specified class. Frequencies and forms of free vibrations of a pentagonal plate with a rigidly fixed hole in the centre are determined experimentally. A comparison of the results obtained by the two methods was carried out, which showed a good convergence of the obtained frequencies. The approaches implemented in the work make it possible to study the dynamic characteristics of plates of other configurations and can be used to evaluate the accuracy of other approaches.


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Grigorenko О. ., Borysenko М. ., Boychuk О. ., Sperkach С., & Bezuglaya А. . (2023). Free vibrations of pentagonal plates with a hole. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, (1), 24–32.