oxime, pyranocoumarin, spiropyranocoumarin, coumarin, modification


This study focuses on the structural modification of oximes of pyranocoumarins and spiropyranocoumarins – synthetic analogues of the naturally occurring compound graveolone. It has been demonstrated that oximes of (spiro)pyranocoumarins serve as convenient reagents for the introduction of additional functional groups, such as amino groups, hydroxyl groups, amidoxime fragments (bioisosteres of carboxyl functions), and oxadiazole rings. Preparative methods for the alkylation of oximes of (spiro)pyranocoumarins were developed, and the interaction of the resulting derivatives with primary alkylamines, hydroxylamine, and triethylorthoformate was investigated.


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Krasylov, I., Moskvina, V., & Khilya, V. (2023). FUNCTIONALIZATION OF OXIMES OF (SPIRO)PYRANOCOUMARINS. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, (4), 52–59.