apatite, whitlockite, zinc, biphasic calcium phosphates


Biphasic calcium phosphates (based on (Са10(РО4)6(ОН)2 + β-Са3(РО4)2) containing of Zn2+ (2-9 wt %) were synthesized from aqueous solutions. The results indicate that increasing the amount of Zn2+ in the initial solution (by raising the molar ratio of Zn/Ca from 0.04 to 0.17) leads to an increase in the content of the phase based on
β-Са3(РО4)2) from 20 to 35 wt % in biphasic composite. The reduction in cell parameters for both phases suggests partial substitution of calcium by zinc cations, with a higher degree of substitution observed in the phase based on β-Са3(РО4)2). In the system Ca2+—Zn2+—Na+—PО43– the stabilization of β-Са3(РО4)2) type phase with amount to
90wt% in biphasic composite is achieved at increasing the zinc content and constant amount of sodium cation for the ratios Ca : Zn : Na : P = (10.3–x) : x : 0.4 : 7 (х = 0.4, 0.8 and 1.5). The established synthesis conditions for biphasic calcium phosphates containing different trace elements (Zn, Na) can be utilized for obtaining bioactive
materials for medical applications.


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