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1Ivanov VA, 1Cherkesov LV, 1Shul’ga TYa. Study of the influence of parameters of atmospheric perturbations on waves, flows, and the process of transformation of a contamination of various initial sizes in the Sea of Azov. 2014 ;(1):104-110.
1Ivanov AV, 1Orlovsky IV. Asymptotic properties of the estimator of linear regression parameters in the case of weakly dependent regressors. 2014 ;(5):24-28.
1Ivanov VA, 1Shokurov MV, 1Dulov VA, 1Chechina EV. Forecast of weather disasters in the Black Sea region. 2014 ;(2):105-110.
1Isayenkov SV, 2Mian A, 2Maathuis FJM. Transformation or rice by genes encoding the potassium TPK channels improves the plant relative growth rates under salinity and drought stress conditions. 2015 ;(12):104-110.
1Isayenkov SV, 1Krasnoperova ЕЕ. The expression profiles of genes encoding the potassium TPK channels and NHX Na+/H+ exchanger in barley under salinity and water stress conditions. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 2015 ;(3):152-156.
1Isayenkov SV, 2Maathuis FJM. The cloning and peculiarities of the cellular localization of tobacco TPK potassium channels. 2014 ;(10):154-160.
1Inshina EI, 2Telbiz GM, 1Brei VV. New superacid ZrO2–SiO2–Al2O3 oxide and its activity in the oligomerization of tetrahydrofuran. Reports of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 2015 ;(10):49-54.
1Ignatova TD, 1Tsebrienko TV, 1Vorontsova LO, 1Alekseeva TT. Phase separation of Ti-containing interpenetrating polymer networks depending on the kinetics of their formation. 2017 ;(6):66-73.
1Iemets OO, 1Olkhovskaya EV. A monotone iterative method for solving the combinatorial game-type optimization problems on permutations. 2014 ;(8):48-52.
1Iemets OO, 2Leonova MV. Polynomial algorithms of solution for some problems of construction of the timetables of a device for demands with waiting. 2016 ;(3):26-31.